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Nadine O.

Over 50? You Are Not Done Yet Show!

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Over 50? You Are Not Done Yet Community

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One of the best things about podcasting is, the opportunity to connect with others following their dreams. It’s about community. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s work on the next chapter! Hope to hear from you soon.

Nadine O.


About the Host

Nadine O. is the creator and host of Over 50? You Are Not Done Yet! The show about the changing faces of life after 50. Follow Nadine O. on a journey of personal rediscovery. Along the way, she interviews some pretty amazing people. She hopes their stories inspire you to live a more purpose driven life.  She believes, life after 50 isn't the end, it's just the next chapter. How will you write yours?

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Nadine O

Nadine O


over 50? You are not done yet show

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