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Former CornermanFrank Friel

Our guest today is a former public relations, marketing and advertising employee for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, otherwise known as Septa. But it is his parallel career in boxing as a trainer and cornerman that peaked my curiosity. His name is Frank Friel from Drexel Hill, Pa. and he joins us today in this episode affectionately titled, ‘Keep Your Chin Down and Your Hands Up!’ Please enjoy!


0230 Who is Frank Friel?
0753 What is that like? (Being a Cornerman) It seems like it would be a very messy job.
1402 Do you find that movies get it wrong when it comes to the roll of a cornerman?
1810 What was the thing, the experience that surprised you the most?
2310 The last film he worked on at SEPTA.
2524 Could you describe the difference between a cut man and a trainer?
3100 Oscar de la Hoya and Bernard Hopkins…
3503 Helping other boxers…
3644 What do you do to stay fit?

MUSIC: Epidemic Sounds

WALK BREAK by Jules Gaia

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