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Source: Mee Lin Youk:


Today I’m sitting down with Artist, Writer and retired American Airlines Employee Mee Lin Youk who says, “Life is not what you have, it’s what you give.” Listen as Mee Lin takes you on a journey, her journey towards retirement and beyond, Shall we begin?



01:18 MEE LIN YOUK Growing up Blasian (Black and Chinese)

04:02 MEE LIN YOUK Her life as the middle child

06:32 MEE LIN YOUK Her favorite Bazooka Bubble Gum Quote

08:50 MEE LIN YOUK Her gifts

10:49 MEE LIN YOUK Getting serous about her life

15:11 MEE LIN YOUK From Septa to America Airlines

17:21 MEE LIN YOUK Turning 55 and retiring

19:27 MEE LIN YOUK Working as a Para Professional

20:39 MEE LIN YOUK Her advice for seniors about to retire

25:41 HOST NADINE O. Her thoughts own her interview with MEE LIN YOUK


Epidemic Sounds
Walk Break – Jules Gaia
Bear Club Blues – William Benckert